The Intelligent Choice.....

Today: January 4, 2020

Last Investment: January 3, 2020  2-0

Overall: 2-0 (100%)  (Q1 2020)

Our Best Category Play: Eagles Nest: 77-9(90%)

 Welcome to the magical year of 2020.  We have added additional tools to our program to provide us with more insight.  Last year we averaged 83% of our wins in  (MLB, NBA, NCCAB and NFL).  We are careful and very selective on what we play.  Once again we align with our 90% objective.   

Today, there is much on the line with respect to playoffs in the NFL.  The NBA is in full stride and so are the fellas in NCAAB.     We are back in the seat with two big plays today and we go 2-0 easily.  

Today, we  have 2 recorded investment winners not  including the free play. Slam it baby!

   Today's Free Play:(NCAAB) Butler U.  -6 

Dancing Fantasy (Dancing Fantasy)