The Intelligent Choice.....

Today: August 16, 2019

Last Investment: June 6, 2019  2-0

Overall: 12-2 (85%)  (Q3 2019)

Our Best Category Play: Eagles Nest: 77-9(90%)

 It's been 2 months since our last post.  We took vacation for a few months and while the MLB teams are positioning themselves for the playoffs, the NFL, NCAAF and seasons are just getting underway and we're here to create havoc for your man!   We finish Q3 (12-2) with an 85% win rate percentage.   We are back in the seat with two big plays today and we go 2-0 easily.   Our intentions after being gone for more than two months is to go 3-0 tonight not including our free play. 

Today, we  have 2 recorded investment winners not  including the free play. Slam it baby!

   Today's Free Play:(MLB) Philadelphia Phillies -111 

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